TAF has long been a believer in leveraging the power of technology to create an efficient workplace staffed with effective people and will continually analyze and implement technological advancements that ultimately translate into savings for you, the valued customer.

Satellite Tracking:

TAF has fit 100% of its fleet with satellite communications, allowing real time communications with every driver/truck.

Our vehicles are fitted with the most advanced technology called SkyTrax Fleet Management which can track any of our vehicles through the internet 24 hours a day. Our clients are therefore able to check up on the location of the vehicle transporting their goods at any given time, by using a special password which we will supply. This tracking system ensures that our customers that goods are delivered on time to the customers and we will be able to ensure that the vehicles are at the customers premises at specific times.

Satellite communication gives us the capability to track loads, driver routes and instantly resolve any problems on the road. In all, our satellite capabilities open a realm of possibilities for us and ultimately for our clients. Our continued commitment and dedication to technology will bring us to the front of the transportation industry.

Two-way Radios:

TAF has fit all of its fleet with two-way radios, to ensure communications with every driver/truck at any given time.
Our vehicles are fitted with the most advanced technology called Infotrunk Two-Way Radio System which enables constant communication at any part of the day or night.
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