Trans Africa Freight (TAF) is a freight company with principal offices located in Durban, Middleburg & Botswana. Our friendly & experienced team have been involved in the trucking business for over 35 years. We are totally committed to providing a personalized service, always adopting a "can do" attitude and meeting our client’s needs and deadlines without fail and at minimum cost. The result of this philosophy is that fixed, long-term contracts constitute 90% of our business. We win clients for life!

Employing the right people, having the necessary infrastructure, the relevant capacity and providing the required service punctually are regarded as non-negotiable principles. The ethos has resulted in a highly qualified, experienced and motivated management team capable of acting pro-actively or managing any challenge within the freight logistics market; added to which they always seem to have innovative, creative and exciting projects in the pipeline. We are supported by an enthusiastic workforce committed to service excellence.

TAF has already acquired the best equipment for the job, as we currently own 110 trucks, which are made up of side tippers, end tippers, tri-axle and super-link trailers. Some of our loyal customers are: transporting raw material to Spring Grove Dam in Nottingham Road, the recent aquiring of a contract to move copper ore from The African Copper Mine in Botswana, a contract with Columbus Stainless Steel, moving comodities such as coal, copper ore, stand, stones from Hlagisa, Matla, Vuna, Woestalleen, Eskom and Secunda. Due to internal safety regulations, all out trailers are fitted with the very tracking systems.

We strictly uphold the following values:

- Our people represent an investment in growth, progress and prosperity; and mutual respect, transparency and integrity are therefore non-negotiable

- Difficulties are viewed as challenges, which in turn are stepping stones to success and shared wealth

- TAF never compromises on punctuality, excellence and reliability

- We are committed to managing our business responsibly, thus minimizing and eliminating risks for our clients

- We are prepared to stretch ourselves to the limit in order to grow and increase our potential continuously and to achieve the desired expectations and results

- We believe that meticulous planning, training and skills transfer, coupled with a thorough understanding of the nature of the business environment we operate within, represent the cornerstone of success

- At TAF we are never complacent and satisfied with where we are and what we have achieved, we have constant drive to improve the capacity, experience and skills level of our people

- We remind ourselves constantly that the race for quality has no finish line. The road to improved performance never ends.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of TAF is to be the leading transporter servicing South Africa, to become the preeminent freight logistics company in South Africa by providing vital infrastructure, support and transport solutions to a growing economy, thus enabling both national and international connectivity. In our quest to keep the wheels of excellence turning, we at TAF are committed to being recognized as an acclaimed and trend-setting organization which:

- Specializes in the transport of bulk materials and palletized goods

- Creates and provides complete, all-round solutions to freight logistics

- Operates pro-actively, creatively and innovatively in accordance with sound business principles, standards and ethics

- Provides a quality, professional service which is aligned to the needs and requirements of our clients at all times

We also carry steel coils and granite as well as general cargo, as our vehicles are equipped to carry all types of steel, coils, sheets, pipes. Every vehicle is equipped with rubber strips; dunnage and stake poles to ensure that the steel coils and other loads are secure on our vehicles. We also have spcecialised trailers to carry 30Tonn Steel coils.

Our Goals

- To increase our current fleet by at least 300% within the next two years

- To achieve BEE status within 12 months

- To diversify our expertise in road transport in order to solidify our status as a major role player in the South African road freight industry.

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